1000 USDC Prize Pool — ScoutX Mini Games Season is HERE!

2 min readJun 10, 2022

ScoutX is the world’s first DeFi protocol that allows you to invest in athlete earnings with exciting mini-games available on the ScoutX Discord as part of the giveaway season!

It’s ScoutX Mini-Season on Discord!

ScoutX is extended with a set of mini-games with hundreds of USDC and rewards available on the Discord. Here is the list of mini-games set to take place in the next month or so:

The OG Challenge

ScoutX is looking for the OG of the server. Think you’ve got it? All you need to do is get the highest rank within the specified time period for exciting rewards.

Status: Completed

Prize Pool: $50 USDC

The Scout Challenge

Think you’ve got an eye for talent? Now you can prove it with your portfolio on Testnet!

The Testnet user with the highest total value will be announced as the winner of the contest.

Status: Ongoing

Prize Pool: $275 USDC

Race to Mainnet

The mother of all mini-games is here! The Race to Mainnet Giveaway gives you chance to win free USDC, rewards and early access to ScoutX Mainnet, just by playing in Testnet and giving your feedback!

Status: Launching Tomorrow

Prize Pool: $200 USDC

ScoutX Richie Rich

Have a few words to say about Tennis or Testnet? Why not get free coins for engaging and disengaging right? For two weeks, you’d get virtual coins (through MEE6) for engaging on the ScoutX server with the richest ScoutX fam member getting actual money!

Status: Upcoming

Prize Pool: $100 USDC

Tweet, Retweet and Repeat

The title says it all! All you need to do is take a SS of your Testnet portfolio and tweet it out on Twitter. The tweet with the most retweets and likes wins!

Status: Upcoming

Prize Pool: $100 USDC

Predict to Win — Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the biggest tennis event of the year and how better to enjoy it than predictions? Predict the winners from each game in the Men’s Draw (from the Round of 16) with the user with the highest number of correct answers winning the jackpot!

Status: Upcoming

Prize Pool: $150 USDC

Predict to Win — F1

It’s not just about tennis on ScoutX discord. We’ve got prediction contests for as many as five F1 race weekends, just for you! If you think you’ve got a sense of who’ll win, ScoutX discord is the place to be!

Status: Upcoming Races (Baku, Canada. Austria, France, Hungary)

Prize Pool: $125 ($25 per race)

More events and an upgraded Testnet with 1000 USDC on offer on the ScoutX Discord. To participate and connect with the community, join the ScoutX Discord and register yourselves for the contests.

Join our Discord to continue the conversation and say hi to the team and community.




ScoutX is the world’s first DeFi player protocol for investing in players’ future earnings.