ScoutX Mini-Games: Huge Rewards and Perks on offer this season!

2 min readMay 24, 2022


ScoutX is the world’s first DeFi protocol that allows you to invest in athlete earnings with exciting mini-games available on the ScoutX Discord as part of the giveaway season!

ScoutX Mini-Games Are Here!

ScoutX is back with a set of mini-games with hundreds of USDC and rewards available on the Discord. Here is the list of mini-games set to take place in the next month or so:

  1. The OG Challenge: Join the Discord community and the top the rankings leaderboard in the stipulated duration
  2. The Scout Challenge: Have an eye for talent? Prove it by registering for the Scout Challenge on ScoutX Testnet 1.2
  3. Tweet, Retweet and Repeat: Tweet a screenshot of your Testnet portfolio, get the most retweets and likes for it and win big rewards. As simple as that!
  4. Engage ‘n Disengage: Join the contest to earn the most virtual coins on the ScoutX Discord.
  5. Predict and Win: You could be the next Paul, the Octopus! Predict the winners of a set of matches in Tennis and stand a chance at winning huge rewards!

Two months, five events, an upgraded Testnet and many rewards on offer on the ScoutX Discord. To participate and connect with the community, join the ScoutX Discord and register yourselves for the contests.

Join our Discord to continue the conversation and say hi to the team and community.








ScoutX is the world’s first DeFi player protocol for investing in players’ future earnings.