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3 min readApr 5, 2022

The world’s first sports DeFi protocol for investing in players’ future earnings is coming to you with a testnet beta launch. Find out more at scoutx.io

Investing in sports has been extremely lucrative throughout history, particularly as long-term investments. However, only billionaires and large brands have been able to reap the rewards of this unique asset class. That’s why ScoutX is looking to disrupt the market through our unique, decentralized investment protocol.

Through ScoutX, you get access to athletes from Tennis to Golf and can invest in them to benefit from their performance over a short, medium, or long-term horizon. We provide athlete investment using their future earnings as a reflection of their true performance — players win big tournaments, and they earn big money in return.

How Does ScoutX Work?

Athletes are represented as an individual prediction market. This means that each athlete will have a price both determined by their actual earnings during the season as well as a market expectation of their earnings. These factors determine what an athlete’s token price is, and from there you can choose to go LONG or SHORT on that player — let’s take Rafael Nadal as an example:

  1. Nadal’s current Long Price is $0.57, which means that the market believes he will make ~$5.7M by the end of the season.
  2. If you buy a LONG token, you are anticipating that his earnings will be greater than ~$5.7M by the end of the season. If you buy a short token, you are anticipating that he will earn less than ~$5.7M. Instead, it would be somewhere around ~$4.3M (at a Short Price of $0.43).
  3. Depending on the market, the price will continually swing. If people go LONG, the price goes up. If people go SHORT, the price will fall.

You can trade positions in Nadal at any time during the season, 24x7. However, at the end of the season, the price will be resolved to his Final Earnings. So, imagine Nadal ends with $7M at the end of the season (Long Price of $0.75). That means, if you were Long Nadal at $0.57, you would earn a 32% profit!

So When Can I Start?

We are in the midst of launching to the Mumbai Testnet on Polygon. To get exclusive access to the Beta launch and be the first to know when ScoutX launches, sign up for the waitlist at https://scoutx.io/. To see our FAQs, feel free to read our Litepaper here

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Website: https://scoutx.io/

Litepaper: https://litepaper.scoutx.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialScoutX




ScoutX is the world’s first DeFi player protocol for investing in players’ future earnings.